Why Copper? Why Falk?

The Heat

Copper is an extremely effective conductor of heat. A copper pan distributes an even temperature over the bottom and sides.

The "Greeness" of Red Copper

Falk pan is good for the environment in two ways.

The Look

A copper pan is coveted for its timeless good looks and beautiful patina.

The Process

Falk Culinair developed a special bimetal copper. A thick plate of copper is anchored with a very thin layer of stainless steel.

The Experts

When it comes to understanding how big a pan should be and what shape Falk executives decided they needed to consult with experts, the people who cook.

The Care and Clean Up

Maintaining your Falk copper pan is easy.

The Thickness

Falk’s bimetal technology bonds the ideal conduction and optimal heat accumulation of copper (2.3 mm) with the durability and purity of stainless steel (0.2mm).

The Exception to the Rule

Falk copper cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces and in the oven with one small exception.