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Putting quality and exceptional craftsmanship in your hands. Professional grade 2.5mm Luxury Copper Cookware, manufactured by Falk Culinair in Belgium.

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What You Need To Know About Falk Cookware

ThicknessCross section of Falk's unique bi-metal construction

All Falk cookware has a total thickness of 2.5 mm. 2.3mm easy to maintain brushed copper exterior with a 0.2mm stainless interior. The only exception to this standard is the preserving kettle which is ALL copper.

WeightStock Pot on the Range

Foodies and chefs around the world find lifting a Falk pan to be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience but the weight of each pan and cookware piece varies and users should be aware they will feel the quality in their hands.

QualityThe Heat

You will feel the quality when you use Falk cookware. The ergonomic handles make the cookware easy to carry and they move easily from stove top to oven and then to counter.

Concierge ServiceThe-Experts

Please do contact us if you need assistance in making the right choice of pan. If you wish to order a Falk copper pot we do not carry here in Canada, then please send us an email so we can organize ordering it for you.

What to put in your kitchen?

The traditional beauty of cast iron handles in our Classic Line or the sleek modernity of stainless steel handles in our Signature Line. The same great copper cookware – the choice is yours. The perfect look for any kitchen.

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