In A Comparison Test The Falk Copper Core Pan Shines

Have a look at the video that follows. It shows a heat test of 3 different brand pans with a thermal camera. The following pans are tested. A Falk Copper Core pan with a 1.9 mm copper core, a DeMeyere Proline pan and an inexpensive alumni, non-stick pan. Ech pan is heated simultaneousy with 1 Kw

The Falk pan heats up quickest and is twice as hot as the other two pans. The Falk pan uses half the energy to come to the same temperature as the other two pans. Falk retains the heat best of all three pans. Big savings in energy. The heat distribution is good in both Falk and DeMeyere. The non-stick pan is hotter in centre, which will lead to food burning in middle before sides are cooked, eg in an omelette.

SUMMARY: The Falk Copper Core pan is most energy efficient, has an even heat distribution and retains heat better than the other two pans tested.