Falk Copper Cookware Canada

Exclusive Canadian distributor of professional grade 2.5 mm luxury copper cookware


Classic Line 20 cm Frying Pan
Classic Line 24 cm Frying Pan
Poêle à Frire Classique
Signature Line 16 cm Sauce Pan
Signature Line 18 cm Sauce Pan
Casserole Signature
Copper Core Line 20 cm Pot au Feu
Copper Core Line 24 cm Pot au Feu
Pot au Feu à Noyau de Cuivre
Classic Line 18 cm Saucière
Classic Line 20 cm Saucière
Saucière Classique
Classic Line 24 cm Stockpot
Marmite classique

Our Cookware Lines

Classic Line

Cast iron handles

Signature Line

Stainless handles

Copper Core

Copper in the core for induction



Hi Maria,I just wanted to let you know I gave my husband the pots, and he is in love with them; so we will not be returning them. Thank you so much for all your help with this purchase!!!!! :)Warm regards

Jean-Pierre Nadeau

Hello Maria, It’s been 9 months since I ordered and received my Falk pots and pans. They’ve been used over and over.  These Falk pots and pans are a pleasure to use. I don’t regret my purchase, that I can tell you. I’d do it again in a blink.


Sally received the package and she was thrilled. We are impressed and very happy with the new set of cookware, and it was a magnificent gift. Want to thank you for all your attention, the wrapping of the box, which arrived perfectly.

Cookware Sets

Classic Line Sets
Ensembles de lignes classiques
Signature Line Sets
Ensembles de lignes de signature
Ensembles de lignes de base en cuivre

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