L'entretien et le nettoyage

Maintaining your Falk copper pan is easy. The brushed copper outside can be brought back to new condition with products such as Bar Keepers Friend in minutes and the stainless interior resists abrasion and oxidation. To protect the cast iron handle an occasional rubbing with olive oil is recommended. Copper polish is a thing of the past with Falk cookware.

To keep your copper cookware in top shape we recommend the following steps:

First time use:

We know you’ll want to use your new cookware right away, but FIRST you need to give it a cleaning. Wash your pots/pans in soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly.

Regular Clean-Up

If you see the need for cleaning the copper outside to have it look new again, use a product called  Bar Keepers Friend or Universal Stone following the grain of the brushed copper surface. The traditional method of cleaning with salt and vinegar is fine too. The interior surface is best cleaned with soap and water and apot scrubber. If you like to speed up the process of the interior becoming nonstick then avoid too much dish detergent on the inside when hot water will do. We sell a pack of 3 pot scrubbers on this site.

Please Avoid

DO NOT USE a pot scrubber too fierce on the copper surface of the lids, if you want to maintain their original brushed appearance.NO DISHWASHERS: Never put your Falk copper cookware in a dishwasher.  This will cause extreme tarnishing and void warranty.

Oil your cookware!

Apply a thin coating of food safe mineral oil (olive, vegetable can also be used) to the cast iron handles to prevent oxidation. With time the handles will become seasoned and will no longer require oiling. Season the Falk pans you fry or sauté in with olive oil. Apply a thin coat of oil to the interior of the pan. Put pan in a 200F oven for half hour. Rub pan dry with paper towel. Repeat in due time when necessary. Not using dish detergent will help build up a non stick finish. Wash pan when possible with hot water only.

Copper & Tarnish

Understand your Falk copper cookware will tarnish. All copper cookware tarnishes, particularly over high heat. Remember, if your cookware turns bluish or dark this is a normal chemical reaction and it does not affect the quality or usability of your cookware. Should you choose to remove the tarnish( you might consider it patina), use  Barkeepers Friend, (amongst others Home Hardware is a sure bet).  Always rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid spotting.

Here’s a tip

Avoid letting salt solutions stand in your pans for extended periods of time (hours). Salt will pit stainless steel over time.