Where is Falk made?

Falk copper cookware is hand made in a workshop in Belgium, Europe. Falk copper pots have been made for 64 years since 1958

Why use copper for cookware?

Copper is unparalleled for its ability to heat up quickly and conduct heat. Copper cookware is highly responsive unlike cast iron and other cookware materials

What thickness of copper cookware performs best?

The thickness of a copper pot needs to be no less than 2.5 mm for heat responsiveness and even heating. Falk pots are 2.5 mm thick

Are Falk pans sold in stores in Canada?

Falk is only sold online in Canada

Where do you ship to?

We only ship within Canada

What is the difference between Classic and Signature Line?

Classic Line has solid cast iron handles, Signature Line has solid stainless handles

What is the Copper Core Line about?

Copper Core Line pots have a ferromagnetic outer skin and can be used on Induction cook tops as well as any other cooking surface

Can I use the Classic and Signature Line pots on an induction top?

Only when an induction plate is positioned between the cooktop and the pan. The Copper Core Line is a better choice

Which Line has the biggest selection of pots?

Classic Line

What is Falk bi-metal?

The bimetal of Falk is of heavy copper plate on which a 0,2mm layer of stainless steel is anchored using a pressure of 850 tons/cmІ. The resulting connection comes with an unlimited guarantee

What is the inner lining of a Falk pot?

The inner lining is permanent thin stainless steel, that becomes non-stick with use

What is the Warranty on a Falk pot?

The Falk pots are warranted for life against any manufacturing defects e.g. the handle coming loose or the inner lining separating

What is the finish on Falk pans?

The outside of the Falk pans have a brushed satin finish

Why does copper discolour?

Copper will tarnish, it interacts with the air around us and with heat.The colour will darken, this patina is often prized by many

Can I keep copper pots looking like new?

Yes we recommend BarKeepersFriend for cleaning copper pots or a combination of vinegar, salt and water

Are Falk pots dishwasher safe?

It is not recommended to put a copper pan in a dishwasher, they tarnish excessively

Are Falk pans non-stick?

Falk pans become non-stick with repeated use, clean the inside when you can with hot water and minimal detergent and the non-stick layer will slowly develop or season the pan to speed up the process

Do I need to season a Falk pan?

You can season the Falk pans you fry or sauté in with olive oil. Apply a thin coat of oil to the interior of the pan. Put pan in a 200F oven for half hour. Rub pan dry with paper towel.

Why are Falk pans heavy?

Because Falk pans contain a substantial amount of copper and Falk pans have solid handles

Are copper pans worth the money?

Copper pans are the sports cars of the cookware world. They heat up quickly and evenly and are very responsive to temperature changes, qualities that are unparalleled. A well made copper pan is an object of beauty. Copper pans do not need to be replaced. They are left to the next generation.

Who buys Falk pots?

Restaurateurs, chefs, home cooks, lovers of style and quality

Does Falk provide re-tinning of copper pots?

All Falk pots sold in Canada do not need re-tinning. They have a superior and permanent thin stainless lining on the inside. Only in Europe does Falk offer re-tinning for the pots it manufactured with a tin lining in the early years

Are the lids( covers) included with a Falk pot purchase?

The lids have to be purchased separately

What are the most popular Falk pans?

The frying and sautepan are very popular. They become non-stick with use and are very versatile

How to choose between Classic or Signature Line?

Classic Line pots have untreated cast iron handles, they go very well with the patina of aged copper. Signature Line handles look more contemporary and stay a bit cooler

How is Falk shipped in Canada?

Falk ships Canada Post Expedited with Signature required unless faster shipping is selected