Why Copper? Why Falk

Copper Heat

The Heat

Copper is an extremely effective conductor of heat. A copper pan distributes an even temperature over the bottom and sides. In fact, copper is second only to silver, as the most conductive metal. Copper delivers an even distribution and easy conduction to create an unparalleled heat surface and allows food to cook evenly. Copper gives the cook (that’s you) more control over temperature and subtle changes in heat and intensity can be achieved. Copper improves the cooking experience for professional chefs and for the occasional cook. Sauces will not stick - hollandaise will not separate - melting chocolate is child's play and with perfect heat accumulation stews can simmer for hours. Copper is the perfect cooking companion for everyone.
Eco-Friendly Copper Pots

The “Greeness” of Red Copper

A Falk pan is good for the environment in two ways. First, because of efficient heat consumption which reduces energy use and second, because with proper care Falk cookware will last forever.  No new resources have to be used to manufacture a replacement.
Copper Cookware Look

The Look

And a copper pan is coveted for its timeless good looks and beautiful patina. Admit it – you love copper. We all love copper.
Copper Process

The Process

Falk Culinair developed a special bimetal copper. A thick plate of copper is anchored with a very thin layer of stainless steel. The copper cookware crafted out of this bimetal maintains all conductive qualities of copper and the smooth stainless inner lining is durable and permanent. All Falk Copper Cookware is manufactured in Belgium
Copper Cookware Experts

The Experts

When it comes to understanding how big a pan should be and what shape Falk executives decided they needed to consult with experts, the people who cook.  The company collaborated with professional chefs to design the Falk cookware line and this partnership produced the perfect proportions and sizes, including the flared rim for easy pouring, lids that fit well and the shape of the cast iron handle.
Copper Cookware Cleanup

The Care and Clean Up

Maintaining your Falk copper pan is easy. The brushed copper outside can be brought back to new condition with products such as Bar Keepers Friend in minutes and the stainless interior resists abrasion and oxidation. To protect the cast iron handle an occasional rubbing with olive oil is recommended. Copper polish is a thing of the past with Falk cookware. View our detailed Care and Cleaning guidelines.
Copper Pot Measurement

The Thickness

Falk’s bimetal technology bonds the ideal conduction and optimal heat accumulation of copper (2.3 mm) with the durability and purity of stainless steel (0.2mm).  Falk Copper Cookware achieves the optimum industry standard for thickness in copper pots and pans - exactly 2.5 mm.   It’s a marriage made in Belgium and celebrated in your kitchen.
Copper Cookware Induction Plate

The Exception to the Rule

Falk Copper Cookware and Induction Cooktops

Falk copper cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces and in the oven with one small exception. When using Falk pots and pans with induction ranges, a cast iron plate needs to be positioned under the copper pan on the magnetic field of the range. That is all that is needed to make a copper pan work on an induction range. It’s a simple addition and we carry the iron plates in stock.